[Doggiebox] Vintage 70s Ludwig Kit vII

Sion Morris sionwm at cinnamondesign.co.uk
Mon Nov 1 06:27:34 EST 2004

Hi David

Thanks for taking the time to improve on your Ludwig db - I've had a 
quick mess about and like the refinements a lot. I think you've hit on 
a good combination of drum sequences and subtle alternate sounds that 
really give it a that 'real drummer' sound. The ns-kit is good for a 
clean professional polished result, but lacks the 'human' quality your 
kit has I think. Suits my needs perfectly.

Any chance of some tambourine shakes? I know you've got one there ;-) A 
left and a right shake would be good - to be able to keep in time with 
the beat. Thats the only improvement I can think of.

Will be posting an effort using the kit soon.


Sion Morris

> hi folks,
> i have finally found some time to assemble a version II of the ludwig 
> kit.  it is quite different from the first effort, and probably won't 
> appeal to everyone, but feel free to download and play with it.  the 
> url is:
> the url is:
>    http://www.slugworth.com/blog/70sLudwigKit_vII.zip
> it includes a test arrangement.
> cheers,
> david.

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