[Doggiebox] Vintage 70s Ludwig Kit vII (23+MB!)

Patrick O'Donoghue pdiddyod at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 3 12:36:07 EST 2004

Thank you very much for the effort!!

In an unrelated note....I have a question for some of you  
more-advanced-than-me musicians; can anyone familiar with the song tell  
me the time signature for Springsteen's song "Backstreets"? It has that  
moderate rock beat da-da-da-da-bum da-bum, da-da-da-da-bum da-bum.....

Thanks in advance!!

On Oct 28, 2004, at 2:28 PM, David Holloway wrote:

> hi folks,
> i have finally found some time to assemble a version II of the ludwig  
> kit.  it is quite different from the first effort, and probably won't  
> appeal to everyone, but feel free to download and play with it.  the  
> url is:
> the url is:
>    http://www.slugworth.com/blog/70sLudwigKit_vII.zip
> it includes a test arrangement.
> cheers,
> david.
> the official word:
>  ----
> Vintage 70s Ludwig Kit vII (23+MB!)
> Here's my latest DoggieBox drum kit. It is based on my 70s era Ludwig  
> (toms and bass), with Zil crash and ride, a nasty old trash, and New  
> Beat hats. It is recorded to DAT using a Rode NT4 stereo mic. A bit of  
> compression and normalization has been applied.
> Caution, compressed this is 12+MB, and uncompressed it is about 23+MB.
> This kit is a much heavier sound than the previous kit. It is not  
> useful for everything, but edges a little closer to that big boomy  
> Bonham sound.
> Enjoy!
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