[Doggiebox] Vintage 70s Ludwig Kit vII

David Holloway davidh at slugworth.com
Sun Nov 14 02:47:19 EST 2004

thanks for the feedback.  your songs sound great!

i agree with you about the bass drum and the hi-hat.  i just put new 
heads on my bass drum.  it has a bit more of that punch you mention.

the kit was recorded in the same space both times, but with very 
different miking techniques.  the room itself is very "live" and 
reverberant.  for version 1 i recorded with a couple sm-57s 
close-miked, about 6 inches away, from each instrument.  this cut out a 
lot of the room's echo, but lacked a certain realism in the stereo 
recording i thought.

version 2 was recorded with a paired set of condenser mikes placed 
overhead (about 8 feet) and behind (about 2 feet) the kit.  it captured 
a nice realism with the stereo but the terrible acoustics of the space 
became much more apparent.

it has been a great education in drum miking!

if i can find a more "dead" space to record in i think i'll stick with 
the stereo condenser mikes and try again.  i really like the 
transparency of those mikes, but they sure pick up everything (the good 
and the bad).

the quest for the perfect drum sounds continues...  ;-)


On Nov 11, 2004, at 5:33 AM, Sion Morris wrote:

> Hi David
> Thanks - will look forward to that.
> I've posted some new songs on my site using both original and the new 
> Ludwig Kit.:
> http://www.cinnamondesign.co.uk/music/music.html
> See what you think.  I used the bass drum from the original kit on 
> both though - sounded a bit fuller and punchier. I also changed the hi 
> hat prefs so that the sounds didn't cancel the previous sound as it 
> made a bit of an un-natural sound That aside, I think I prefer the 
> sound of the new set although the first is slightly more flexible as 
> the sounds are purer. There's a definite sense that they were recorded 
> in different places - a bit of wall echo in vii. Trash cymbal is great 
> and also the 'rim shot' snare. Keep up the good work!
> Sion
> On 2 Nov 2004, at 10:17 pm, David Holloway wrote:
>> sure, i've got a couple tambourines.  i'll see if i can get some good 
>> recordings out of them.  stay tuned...  (pardon the pun).
>> On Nov 1, 2004, at 3:27 AM, Sion Morris wrote:
>>> Hi David
>>> Thanks for taking the time to improve on your Ludwig db - I've had a 
>>> quick mess about and like the refinements a lot. I think you've hit 
>>> on a good combination of drum sequences and subtle alternate sounds 
>>> that really give it a that 'real drummer' sound. The ns-kit is good 
>>> for a clean professional polished result, but lacks the 'human' 
>>> quality your kit has I think. Suits my needs perfectly.
>>> Any chance of some tambourine shakes? I know you've got one there 
>>> ;-) A left and a right shake would be good - to be able to keep in 
>>> time with the beat. Thats the only improvement I can think of.
>>> Will be posting an effort using the kit soon.
>>> Cheers
>>> Sion Morris

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