[Doggiebox] 1E3 crashes...

Sooz and Ken Boldt kboldt at execpc.com
Wed Nov 17 21:54:27 EST 2004

The 1E3 beta build crashes 3-4 seconds after I click the play button or hit the space bar to start it. 
I downloaded the file, expanded it, and started db.
Insert one measure.
Add a drum sound or two.
Click the Play button.
The button face changes to the brown square.
Then db just disappears. No 'unexpectedly quit' alert or anything.
Happens every time.
The 1.2 version works fine.
I even tried saving a drum kit from the beta to see if that fixed the problem - no luck.
Is anyone else having this problem?

Computer: iMac 15" flat panel
768 mb memory
OS 10.3.6

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