[Doggiebox] New demo made with DB

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Wed Oct 20 09:50:56 EDT 2004

It's been a bit quiet recently, but I thought I would quickly mention
I've put a new song demo using Doggiebox drums on my web site:
<http://www.carlaz.com/music/current.html>.  Titled, "On the Hill",
there are MP3s of both the full track and the drum part only, as well as
(of course) the dbsong :)  I did it using nskit6 samples, but it's
mostly snare/kick/hat/crash and maybe a few toms, so the dbsong could be
converted to any kit fairly easily.

I recorded DB straight out of the headphone port on my iBook to 2 tracks
on my Roland VS-1680 -- DB's MMC feature were a major help in the early
stages of getting the demo sorted, since I kept going back to nudge the
drums around :)  I ran both guitar and bass through my recently acquired
SansAmp GT-2.  I didn't spend a lot of time dialing in sounds, but
they're OK.  On the high gain settings the GT-2 gets a bit noisy
(greatly aggravated by proximity to the VS-1680, actually), so I clamped
on the noise gate from one of Roland's onboard amp sims.  Seemed OK.
The vocals are horrible (and the lyrics cheezy) but I've never claimed
to be a singer (or poet); good fun though.

For what it's worth, I've been making a new version of an earlier demo I
did with DB drums ("Afterburner), and both the old and new dbsongs are
on my Web site, too.

I cannot overstate how handy the MMC feature is.  Man, you've got to
shell out some bucks for most sequencer software that does that.  I
wouldn't be shy about playing up that and DB's capability for MIDI
output when spreading the good word.

In other, kit-bashing news ... I'm continuing to messing around with an
nskit7 dbkit, based on Mike Carlyle's.  Though the complete sample set
is too big to be very practical, I though I would make a dbkit that
referenced every sample, and then people could cut it down to the
complexity they prefer easily enough.  And I'll try to get the MIDI info
there, eventually including velocity info.  But this is an "occasional
lunchtime" project, so it's taking a while :)  And I gotta say I'm
having real difficulty making icons that look as good as Mike's
(color-coded shapes with numbers are very handy for multiple-velocity
kits).  I sit there staring in Photoshop, trying to capture the look and
feel, and the results always turn out ugly! :)  Still, gotta keep trying


Carl Edlund Anderson

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