[Doggiebox] Vintage 70s Ludwig Kit vII (23+MB!)

David Holloway davidh at slugworth.com
Thu Oct 28 14:28:17 EDT 2004

hi folks,

i have finally found some time to assemble a version II of the ludwig 
kit.  it is quite different from the first effort, and probably won't 
appeal to everyone, but feel free to download and play with it.  the 
url is:

the url is:


it includes a test arrangement.


the official word:


Vintage 70s Ludwig Kit vII (23+MB!)

Here's my latest DoggieBox drum kit. It is based on my 70s era Ludwig 
(toms and bass), with Zil crash and ride, a nasty old trash, and New 
Beat hats. It is recorded to DAT using a Rode NT4 stereo mic. A bit of 
compression and normalization has been applied.

Caution, compressed this is 12+MB, and uncompressed it is about 23+MB.

This kit is a much heavier sound than the previous kit. It is not 
useful for everything, but edges a little closer to that big boomy 
Bonham sound.


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