[Doggiebox] Yet another nskit song

Thorsten thorsten.kummer at gmx.de
Sun Apr 3 11:48:30 EDT 2005

Am 03.04.2005 um 15:55 schrieb Charlie:

> I think the practice with Mixing/ Mastering is certainly paying  
> dividends - the guitars mesh perfectly.
> All I can say about the drums is that I didn''t notice them.  I  
> started off listening to them to see if I could pick the DB influence,  
> but had to regularly drag myself back into concentrating on them.  The  
> were just part of the song and seemed very natural.
> Excellent results.
> (and FWIW, I prefer your vocals on Come Alive to the vocal on this -  
> Other peoples MMV)
> Cheers
> Charlie
> On 27/03/2005, at 12:31 AM, Mike Carlyle wrote:
>> This one approaches sonic satisfaction for me. I've been working hard  
>> to understand the subtleties of mixing and mastering. It ain't easy.
>> This song uses the same nskit version 7 that "come alive" used. That  
>> first song, "come alive", is soon to be remixed and mastered with  
>> Kevin's vocals in place, replacing my own.
>> On the song called "Tillatoba", I sang the backup harmonies. It's OK,  
>> I guess. I worked hard to make sure that all the guitarparts meshed  
>> together without cancelling each other out or stepping on one  
>> another. There's seven of them. My God!
>> I can't describe the feeling of hearing drum tracks that convince  
>> even me that there's really a drummer playing. The tempo push is in  
>> play on this one too, but it's a much slower tempo.
>> http://webpages.charter.net/mcarlyle/sounds/tillatobamix.mp3
>> ____________
>> Mike Carlyle
>> Wilbraham, MA
>> USA
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