[Doggiebox] Disaster!

Adrian Delso adrian.delso at btopenworld.com
Wed Apr 6 13:57:23 EDT 2005

My Mac has been playing up lately - kernel panics and the coloured beach-ball madly spinning - and every so often it resets to defaults.

Today was the worst so far: 
I'd put Doggiebox as far to the left in Finder, as possible, right underneath Logic and Applications, in the sidebar.
When I clicked on it today, I got the message - 'can't open from this alias. Can't find the application, Doggiebox'.

I checked prefs and repaired permissions, but when I dragged the icon out of the sidebar, it vanished in a puff of smoke.
The whole shooting match has gone.

I've downloaded it again and put in my registration code, but I've lost all the kits I'd so painstakingly loaded and, of course, my song files.
(I have the audio, where I've used it in Logic, but not as a DB song.) 
I can't download betas to the Mac - only to this machine(I'm mailing this from my PC), 
and the version I've just reinstalled isn't allowing me to Input any measures!

Machine specs are: PowerMac DP G4 450mhz, 1.256Gb RAM, running Panther OSX.3. I was using beta IE7 of DB

Anyone know how this might have happened, so I can prevent it happening again? And how I can get the reinstalled version to work properly? 

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