[Doggiebox] Disaster!

Francis Vaughan francis at cs.adelaide.edu.au
Thu Apr 7 04:02:30 EDT 2005

On 07/04/2005, at 5:09 PM, Adrian Delso wrote:

> The kernel panics, spontaneous resets and the bloodt beachball are not 
> good signs.

You are not wrong.  The bottom line is that these have all the symptoms
of a failing disk.  I'm not kidding, the syndrome is something I have 
before, as have others.  Applications vanishing, random crashes, and
the beachball.  The first of these is directory structure corruption.  
second swap space corruption, the last is page fault IO  taking forever 
to disk retries.

Download the SMART disk monitor:   http://homepage.mac.com/julianmayer

It should tell you if it is.

However I would be looking to get your valuable data off the disk ASAP.
As the disk degrades it will get worse and worse.  Slowly, and then
more quickly more and more data will fall off, and eventually the kernel
will not boot, then the disk will also fail to boot (i.e. on power up 
disk's internal controller will be unable to locate config information
on the disk) at which point the disk will fail to be visible to even a
low level recovery program.  Then your data is really gone.

Try to avoid reboots and power cycles if you can, as eventually
one of these will be the last the disk can support.


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