[Doggiebox] Where can I get beta IE7?

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Thu Apr 7 23:38:13 EDT 2005

On 07 4 2005 at 10:37 am -0400, Adrian Delso wrote:

>I've subscribed from my other machine - the troubled Mac, where 
>Doggiebox resides. I clicked on the 'distribution' link and got a "Not 
>found" message.
>Could someone send the link to this email, please?
>If there's a newer one, perhaps Ben would oblige!

Hey Adrian,

Not sure what link you're clicking -- 1E7 is still up at the same URL
<http://www.doggiebox.com/distribution/Doggiebox-1E7.tbz> although 1E8 is
the most recent (same URL with "1E8").  Note that it's a number 1 before
the E, not a letter I.

And yes... I did make it back from my vacation in one piece.  I've been a
little snowed under (no kidding?)... catching up soon!


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