[Doggiebox] Exporting Individual Sounds

Adrian Delso adrian.delso at btopenworld.com
Tue Apr 12 04:12:48 EDT 2005

I know Ben has it somewhere on his 'to-do' list, but I too had always 
thought of DB as a quick drum programming tool. Even, so with panning and 
volume for individual instruments, plus the variants available, that's a 
huge amount of control for a 'quick demo' app! Listen to Mike's songs and 
David's test piece to confirm that.

The main use for export of individual instruments, as I see it, is for 
separate FX: for example, adding extra punch to the kick, without adding 
boom to the snare. Again, we are not in 'quick demo' country.

If I want to do that level of processing, I am quite happy to do a 
workround. Mine is to write the whole drum part, create as many new Songs as 
there are Instrument groups that I foresee processing separately, Copy and 
Paste the whole Song to each, then Delete appropriately, ending up with a 
Kick Song, a Snare Song, a Cymbal Song, a Hat Song, etc. and export the 
separate Audio files to my DAW. It's only the Copying and Deleting that are 
extra. (End of teaching to suck eggs time.)


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> 10-4.
> I use DB for quick demos, and it's great for that, so I guess I was 
> splitting hairs in any case.
> On Apr 11, 2005, at 4:57 PM, Mike Carlyle wrote:
>> We've discussed this a few times. I have exported individual sounds in 
>> the past, but this requires a cumbersome workaround. Quite frankly,  I'd 
>> rather put the time into the performance or arrangement aspect of  the 
>> song.
>> My philosophy is that the drums as one cohesive unit are a bit closer  to 
>> a carefully mic'd live performance recorded in the good old days  before 
>> 24 track studios were everywhere. I'm aware I'm only justifying  a 
>> shortcut, but this works for me.
>> What David had been asking about was the export and treatment of 
>> individual sounds from his kit, followed by the re-import into my 
>> version of his kit. That's what I took him to mean, at least.
>> On Apr 11, 2005, at 7:46 PM, Corey Knafelz wrote:
>>> On Apr 11, 2005, at 3:56 PM, Mike Carlyle wrote:
>>>> If I treat individual sounds (a great idea, just not one I've had  time 
>>>> for yet) I'll be sure to share.
>>> I think it would be incredibly useful to export instruments (drums, 
>>> cymbals, etc.) as individual files. I almost always apply some type  of 
>>> processing (eq, compression, etc.) to the files when I import them  into 
>>> ProTools. It would be super hot to apply different parameters of 
>>> processing to the instruments as if they were recorded live as  separate 
>>> tracks.
>>> Sorry if this has been mentioned before. Sometimes I only quickly 
>>> glance at the list.
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