[Doggiebox] Re: Another song, this time with the Ludwig II kit

Sion Morris sionwm at cinnamondesign.co.uk
Tue Apr 12 10:47:19 EDT 2005

This is the best songI've heard of yours to date, Mike. I'm glad you've 
been encouraged to take up the vocals - you really have no reason to 
worry about them at all.  Perhaps the parts of your voice you dont like 
are the parts the rest of us see as character and flavour :-).

Although I liked Come Alive and Tillatoba a lot, Flowchart or me is way 
ahead of these - and not just because I'm a fan of David Holloway's kit 
either. Its got that fresh 'just recorded straight' sound and the 
lyrics are way better too. Flowchart-go-kart - inspired!

A simple cheery unpretentious song with something to say and bags of 

Keep it up!

Sion Morris


> I find that, when I'm going for a simple, straight ahead, live sound, 
> David Holloway's kit fits the bill perfectly.
> It took me a while to figure out how to work with the boomy kick 
> sound. I found that I need to follow a routine:
> Export the audio, open in Peak for pre-processing, apply a little eq 
> and limiting to maximize the volume without peaking out, then save.
> That saved file is what I import into Cubase and build upon.
> This is my second attempt at vocals. I was pushed into singing by some 
> positive influences by my friends at the Fender Discussion Page. I'm 
> still not entirely comfortable with my voice, but I guess it's better 
> than waiting for my unreliable singer friend to show up.
> http://webpages.charter.net/mcarlyle/images/flowchart.mp3
> ____________
> Mike Carlyle
> Wilbraham, MA

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