[Doggiebox] vocals... and a PatrickCarl...

Dan Costello stellaswindow at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 19 13:33:00 EDT 2005

> On 10/04/2005 17:28, Mike Carlyle wrote:
>> This is my second attempt at vocals... I'm still not entirely 
>> comfortable with my voice...

> Sounds great to me.  Your voice might not get you Pavarotti's job :) 
> but
> who's would?  The vocals suit the kinda straight-ahead yet laid-back
> rock vibe of "Come Alive" and "Flowchart" to a T.

And having a Pavarotti-ish voice can actually be a distraction. Instead 
of the focus being on the words and the melody, the "prettiness" of the 
voice gets first attention, and a lot of people seem to resist that in 
this genre of music. I struggle with it all the time, because I have 
the vocal chops to do opera, jazz, music theater, or classical choral 
work, but when it comes to singing rock-pop stuff in a bar (at least 
around here), I have to consciously strip all that stuff out to get 
people to pay attention. It's like the majority of people listening in 
that sort of environment want to hear someone singing that sounds more 
like them.

Totally different topic: Ben, I wrote out a quick arrangement the other 
day, saved it, then tried to export it as an AIFF (and messed it up; I 
may have had the wrong things highlighted in the playlist...). Anyway, 
then I closed DB. Later, I opened DB and opened the file, and got a 
PatrickCarl. Are you still looking for those?


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