[Doggiebox] Heeere's 1E9!

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Wed Apr 27 12:33:33 EDT 2005

Charlie wrote at 9:47 pm (+0800) on Tue 26 Apr 2005:
>A minor point, if you open a song and then open the Song inspector, the  
>focus is on the song inspector rather than back in the song window,  

Good point, that's mildly irritating isn't it.  Now fixed for next build.

Håkon Pettersen wrote at 3:59 pm (+0200) on Wed 27 Apr 2005:
>Hi, is there a way to insert more than one bar at a time?

Not any more... I had kind of forgotten that that was an option
previously.  For a small number of bars (like say half a dozen or fewer),
hitting the command repeatedly seems easy enough.  But I can see how this
would be cumbesome for creating a large number of bars at once.

Would a secondary command be useful to people, e.g. option-click on the
button to raise a dialog allowing you to specify number of bars?

>The help section was not of much use, but i assume it will be updated 
>when the 1.3 is released.

Yep, I haven't touched it at all; I'll bring the docs up to date once the
app has settled down a bit.


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