[Doggiebox] Heeere's 1E9!

Sage sage at gypsycaravan.com
Wed Apr 27 13:24:49 EDT 2005

I haven't touched the inspector window yet, but as long as I can still 
change time signature inside a song (Switching back and forth between 
4/4 and 3/4 every other bar, for instance), it should be fine.  I'm 
pleased with the other improvements so far.

I would like to request that a velocity slider be added to the main 
window.  Currently you can change the velocity of a note by 
right-clicking it and adjusting the slider that pops up.  I would like 
to see a slider in the main window that sets the velocity of new notes 
as they are created.

Ben Kennedy wrote:
> Hey all,
> With no further ado, here are the several long-awaited improvements to
> beat editing now in build 1E9 which is downloadable for your pleasure at
> <http://www.doggiebox.com/distribution/Doggiebox-1E9.tbz> :
> *   A new floating inspector window replaces the old options sheet for
> specifying time signature and tempo.
> Choosing "Tempo/Time Signature..." from the Song menu or "Song Inspector"
> from the Window menu will make it appear.  In the next build, its state
> should be remembered for automatic showing/hiding.
> * New behaviour for Cut and Paste: these operations now apply to the
> instruments laid down within beats only; the physical song structure will
> remain unaffected.
> Thanks to everyone who has weighed in on this design/UI issue recently;
> this reflects what seemed to be the best consensus on how beat-level
> editing should work.  Now it is possible to move instruments and rhythms
> around, within and across bars, without regard for disrupting the song
> structure.
> Currently when you paste, the resultant patterns will be dropped in over
> top of whatever is currently there (beginning at the insertion point or
> the start of the selected region if there is one), resulting in an
> additive effect.  In the next build, the behaviour will be changed to
> overwrite (replace all drums in) the target region by default, but with
> an additional "Paste Over" command to achieve this additive effect if desired.
> * New commands Insert Bar, Insert Beat and Delete Beat(s)/Bar(s) for
> manipulating the song structure.
> These are accessible from both the Song menu as well as buttons in the
> inspector.  Beats may be added and deleted with respect to the time
> signature of the bar; e.g. inserting a beat into a 6|8 will turn it into
> a 7|8.  Only whole beats may be deleted; e.g. in a 4|4 bar if you have an
> eighth-note region selected, the operation will actually take out the
> full quarter-note beat into which the eighth-note falls.  To delete an
> entire bar, select all of its beats.
> Adjusting the time signature using the stepper arrows in the inspector
> will preserve the duration and geometry of the bar.  This makes it
> possible to e.g. overlay a 3-beat rhythm onto a 4|4 bar by temporarily
> switching the time signature to 3|4.
> * Zooming now only affects the selected bars (or the one nearest the
> insertion point).  To zoom everything at once, first do a Select All.  I
> think this default behaviour is a little more helpful.
> * Drag-selection of beats is now possible when the mouse is in either the
> "i-beam" or "triangle" cursor mode.  Holding the option key will select
> whole bars.  Support for discontiguous beat selection (i.e. command-click
> with "triangle" cursor) has been temporarily disabled.
> * Fixed a potential crash that could occur after deleting drums from a
> bar, and various other bug fixes.
> I'm interested in any and all feedback on the changes in this build,
> particularly insofar as the wisdom and usability of the new editing
> capabilities, inspector palette, keyboard shortcuts, etc.
> -ben

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