[Doggiebox] Heeere's 1E9!

Håkon Pettersen haakon.pettersen at tiscali.no
Wed Apr 27 13:48:08 EDT 2005

På 27. apr. 2005 kl. 18.33 skrev Ben Kennedy:
> Would a secondary command be useful to people, e.g. option-click on the
> button to raise a dialog allowing you to specify number of bars?

that'd be nice yes:)

I found more "issues" now when trying to make my first song with 1E9:
-when inserting for instance seven bars of 6/8 the speed varies from 60 
to 8 dotted quarterbpm.
-can't copy bars - that would be useful if my song has an AABA type 
form, and the A-part has complex beat/bar structure.
-the "word input" mouse pointer does not switch to conventional point 
when moved over to the inspector to change things, makes it a bit 
troublesome to target the small arrows
-The arrow top nudge speed up in the song inspector isn't working all 
the time, I can't figure out when it is og isn't
-one cant change the note duration by which one is to adjust speed 
according to.  That means that you will need some more than basic 
mathskills in some situations.  I haven't :p

hope it helps, Ben

ps. by the way, all of these issues i found in a brand new project with 
no drums in it.


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