[Doggiebox] Heeere's 1E9!

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Thu Apr 28 12:05:48 EDT 2005

Carl Edlund Anderson wrote at 12:04 pm (+0100) on Thu 28 Apr 2005:

>Meanwhile, I have to ask:  Ben, have you had a Devel copy of Tiger to 
>play with and see if DB works on it?  I don't know much about it, but 
>have heard there are some Quicktime architecture changes in Tiger and I 
>wondered if DB used any underlying audio stuff that might have been 
>moved around in Tiger ....?

Yep.  I admittedly have not done massively rigorous testing, but casual
use works fine with no problems or differences noted.  I will run it
through some more paces this afternoon though just to be sure.  (Despite
my earlier intentions I've stuck with 10.3 for most of my dev, not
planning to switch everything over until Tiger's officially out of the gate.)

The most recent build Apple released to developers is was a couple of
months ago, though.  Apple have dropped the ball on the Tiger process
unfortunately... they're apparently not even mailing out the final
release until after tomorrow, meaning that retail customers get their
copies before developers do.  We all learned about the release date via
rumour sites, too.  Bit of a disappointment.  But this is an aside. :)  I
expect that my experiences with the recent seed are indicative of what to
expect (no problems) with the release 10.4.0.

>Does this slider feature currently adjust the _volume_ of the given 
>sample, or is it already clever enough to know that a given "drum" might 
>have multple samples at multiple velocities

The cleverness is not here yet; it only adjusts the volume level. 
Eventually... :)


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