[Doggiebox] 70sLudwigKitXXX

David Holloway davidh at slugworth.com
Tue Aug 9 01:36:19 EDT 2005

hi folks,

i have finally found some time to assemble the third in the  
70sLudwigKit series.  this definitely sucks less than the vII kit.   
of course, no one drum sound fits all tastes so your mileage may vary.

the compressed zip file is ~20MB and the uncompressed kit is a  
whopping 100+MB.  there's 80 or so individual sounds.  i made new  
icons, with screwy combinations of iconography and color to make  
things a bit more readable (at least to me).

the sad news is that this is the last in the line...  i sold the kit.

enjoy!  and let me know what you think.  a test arrangement is  
included.  sort of a sped-up tweaked-out bo diddley kinda thing.

here's the link:


(ben feel free to cross-post on www.doggiebox.com if you like).


ps: to hear me playing live on "the cutouts" recent ep check out the  
main page:


pps: be gentle.  ;-)  these are our first recordings, tracked, mixed,  
and burned to cd in less than 12 hours (on borrowed studio time).

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