[Doggiebox] 1.3 beta build 1E12 posted!

Charlie the_lonely_sea at iinet.net.au
Tue Dec 6 06:01:52 EST 2005

Houston ,

we have a problem...

First thing I noticed is that the variations on the Drums are  
missing  - no triangle to pick the different types of Snare etc....

On a positive note, I like the return to the fold of selecting  
complete bars by default -  also, the new layout looks good.



On 06/12/2005, at 3:51 AM, Ben Kennedy wrote:

> Hey folks,
> After suffering various distractions the past several months,  
> things are
> starting to get back on track with the Doggie.  Please avail  
> yourselves
> at <http://www.doggiebox.com/distribution/Doggiebox-1E12.tbz> of the
> latest build.
> Continuing on trying to fix the recent edit/selection woes, I've again
> changed and hopefully improved semantics in the pattern editor to
> provide more versatile control over selecting, copying and pasting of
> both whole bars and drums within bars:
>     - Clicking in the header region of a bar will once again select  
> the
> bar as a whole unit, for editing behaviour (cut, copy, paste) like in
> previous versions of Doggiebox.
>     - Holding the Option key to click while mousing over the header
> region will produce the beat-selection cursor, allowing you to select
> and manipulate the drums of individual beat subdivisions without
> disrputing the song structure, like in recent beta builds.
>     - In either mode, you can hold Shift to extend a selection or
> Command to make discontiguous selections.
> Thank you everybody for your continuing input on this.  I hope these
> changes improve both usability and flexibility; I'm looking forward to
> your feedback.
> The Edit and Song menus have been slightly re-organized and some key
> shortcuts have been re-assigned (hint: look at the Edit menu and press
> Shift).  Also, there's been some minor re-arrangement of the song
> window; in particular, the zoom buttons have moved to the floating
> inspector which I think make more sense.
> Things of lesser note: Right- or control-clicking on a drum to change
> velocity no longer requires command key to be pressed.  Added support
> for exporting to Apple CoreAudio File (CAF) format (courtesy of
> libsndfile 1.0.12).  Also, fixed a few memory leaks.
> -ben
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