[Doggiebox] sample rate!

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Thu Dec 8 12:32:02 EST 2005

On 08/12/2005 17:17, Ben Kennedy wrote:
> Yeah, eh.  Well, now that I have my brand new dual-core G5 up and
> running and suddenly find myself with tens of gigabytes of extra space,
> I am *finally* copying the ns_kit7 DVD's to my HD as I type this! 
> Hopefully I will be able to make myself useful in this regard soon.

Man, you'll need that 10s of gigabytes!  :)  I only copied carefully 
selected bits to the HD!

I seemed to sometimes bump into "skipping" and "dropout" trouble with 
bigger dbkits, including the ns_kit7free kits.  I haven't really tried 
using my dbkit based on the full ns_kit7 in anger yet.  (I'm still 
slowly chipping away at making little icons with different numbers to 
indicate velocity on them!)

On 08/12/2005 17:17, Ben Kennedy wrote:
> Carl Edlund Anderson wrote at 1:01 PM (+0000) on 11/15/05:
>>For the first pass, I've decided that in general I'm assuming 16 levels 
>>of velocity available for each drum sound, though in practice I'm 
>>winding that back to 8 for many of the drums.
> It will be really nice once Doggiebox supports automatic selection of
> samples based on the chosen velocity (per the right-click slider), won't
> it. ;)

Well, that would make putting together dbkits for ns_kit7full ... a 
relative snap! :)

Hmmm, how would people check what velocity they had set for a give hit 
using the slider?  Only by right-clicking again to see what's there?  I 
wonder if there's a clever way to display velocities for all the hits in 
a given section ... like a hot-key combo to pop up all the sliders to 
look at at once?  That might look a bit funky in the UI, but something 
to do this would be handy.


Carl Edlund Anderson
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