[Doggiebox] MIDI Interaction with Roland SPD-S

Sooz and Ken Boldt kboldt at execpc.com
Wed Feb 2 21:15:12 EST 2005

Can the Roland send MIDI Start and Stop messages (along with MIDI clock,
which I assume it can)?
Recent beta versions of DB can be started by a MIDI Start message,
stopped by a MIDI Stop message, and it will set it's tempo in response
to MIDI clock messages. Note that these are MIDI Real Time messages and
not MIDI time code (MTC).
I have both a foot pedal and an external sound module (Solton MS40) that
send start, clock, and stop messages, and DB responds to either unit.
They're both connected to the Mac thru an M-Audio MIDISport 2x2 MIDI
BTW, the foot pedal, a Ploytec 34One, makes it easy to use DB to provide
drum accompaniment for live performance - tap the pedal a couple times
to set the tempo and then start playing on the next tap, when DB starts.
You can even use the pedal to adjust the tempo while playing.
Hope this helps.
Ken Boldt

> > On 28-Jan-2005 18:09, Chris Wicklas wrote:
> >> I have read through past posts and haven¹t been able to find an
answer to my
> >> question. I¹m curious to know if there is a way for me have a
Roland SPD-S
> >> control the start/stop of patterns in DB. I am just a beginner when
it comes
> >> to MIDI, so forgive me if this is a simple question.
> >> [...]
> >> The Roland is currently connected to a 1ghz Titanium Powerbook via
a USB to
> >> MIDI controller. I can succussfully use the Roland to record drum
parts in
> >> GarageBand, so I know the connection works. I haven¹t tried it in
DB yet.


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