[Doggiebox] Kit modification affects song patterns strangely

Mike mcarlyle at charter.net
Wed Feb 9 09:11:25 EST 2005

I've been working on something with David's Ludwig kit and noticed some odd
behavior that may or may not have been reported before. I suppose I could
have missed this on the list at some point, but here it is anyway:


I have a song started with a two patterns established. In one example,
there's a crash in the first beat of the first pattern.

I copy the first pattern, paste it in at the end, making it the third
pattern, and delete the crash because it doesn't belong in the third
pattern. This is a commonly used time-saving editing technique that I'm sure
most users perform.

I hear something I don't like with panning and volume on the high hat, so I
open the kit in the kit editor and adjust it to taste. I save the kit and
close the editor.

I go back to the song and save it for good measure. I re-select the newly
saved kit to bring the volume and panning changes into my song.

After re-selecting the newly saved kit, the crash I had deleted from the
third pattern after pasting it, re-appears in the spot I deleted it from.


This happens with other drums too, not just the crash. I find it a little
bit scary that I have to go back through my patterns and hope that I find
all the little doggiebox droppings that I did not intend.

The workaround is obvious: Do all kit editing before building a song. On the
other hand... It seems like this *should* work correctly at some point. It's
natural to want to be able to make slight adjustments to the kit as well as
the song itself.

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