[Doggiebox] Relevance of time signature?

Håkon Pettersen haakon.pettersen at tiscali.no
Thu Feb 10 15:53:27 EST 2005

Hi,  I'm a music studen myself, and I would find it anoying if not 
possible to create spesific time signatures,  I have attached one of my 
songs (I'm kind of proud of it, if I may say, and don't know how to 
share it otherwise :) (don't know if its possible to attach to the 
list)  anyhow,  it shows that i use different timesignatures,  I guess 
what I mean to say is that i love the timesignature "thing" (poor 
english vocabulary:)


På 10. feb. 2005 kl. 21.33 skrev Ben Kennedy:

> I have another question for you.
> How important is the time signature functionality in Doggiebox?  Does
> anyone use anything besides a 4-based meter (e.g. 6|8, 2|2, etc.)?

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