[Doggiebox] Relevance of time signature?

Toby Hutton tobyhutton at mac.com
Thu Feb 10 17:47:09 EST 2005

On 11/02/2005, at 7:33 AM, Ben Kennedy wrote:

> In light of the geometry and editing issues I raised in the previous
> message, I'm wondering if it would be advisable to drop the distinction
> of time signature in favour of a more rudimentary "just how many beats 
> in
> the bar".

So you're not suggesting enforcing a 4:4 based meter or anything, but 
rather relaxing the interface away from the traditional notation to a 
'this bar's tempo is X bpm and there are Y beats in this bar.'  

If so then I would gladly see this go in to Doggiebox.  Sometimes 
mixing time signatures up can be a little clumsy if you're mixing say 
5:4 with 6:8 or something.  I've only used Doggiebox briefly (alas, I 
need 30 hours in the day :)) but I had trouble trying to create a 
measure of 5:8 - can't remember why... the current interface didn't 
like it, I think.


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