[Doggiebox] Creating kits question

adrian.delso at btopenworld.com adrian.delso at btopenworld.com
Fri Feb 11 07:50:08 EST 2005

On a coverdisk off a magazine (Digital Music Maker # 8) is a bunch of royalty-free drum samples. 
I am currently constructing a kit, using them all (about 170 samples), and it's huge - 86mb. Obviously, I won't be submitting it to the db library!
I will however use it, as is, until I'm really familiar with it and then discard the samples I never use (I still have the CD, after all.)

My question is: what is a sensible number of variants? 

This set has e.g. ten different woodblock hits and 31 different kicks! I'm thinking three velocities per instrument - Hard, Medium and Light, plus things like a rimshot or two, separate Bell and Edge for Rides. It doesn't feature flams nor buzzes, like David's excellent Ludwig set, which is a shame. I suppose I could import them from David's kit, if that's OK.

Subsidiary question: what's the difference between Accent, Default & Ghost and Hard, Medium & Light? (This is only really an issue, if I do decide to post the kit to the Library for approval.)


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