[Doggiebox] Creating kits question

Mike mcarlyle at charter.net
Fri Feb 11 08:22:26 EST 2005

Please download nskit v7 and check out the way I put it together. It's based
on linked sounds, rather than embedded, so the kit remains at a manageble
file size.

I think you're on the right track though. Thirty one kicks would not be all
that useful for the average Joe. Obsessive compulsive beat sequencers might
beg to differ.

Use as many as makes sense. I think it's very useful to have a lot of snare
offerings as well as high hat. Those seem the most important to vary.

Double check the royalty-free status of your sounds. They may be free to use
in compositions or on recordings, but distributing them in their "raw"
format may be a no no.

On 2/11/05 7:50 AM, "adrian.delso at btopenworld.com"
<adrian.delso at btopenworld.com> wrote:

> On a coverdisk off a magazine (Digital Music Maker # 8) is a bunch of
> royalty-free drum samples.
> I am currently constructing a kit, using them all (about 170 samples), and
> it's huge - 86mb. Obviously, I won't be submitting it to the db library!
> I will however use it, as is, until I'm really familiar with it and then
> discard the samples I never use (I still have the CD, after all.)
> My question is: what is a sensible number of variants?
> This set has e.g. ten different woodblock hits and 31 different kicks! I'm
> thinking three velocities per instrument - Hard, Medium and Light, plus things
> like a rimshot or two, separate Bell and Edge for Rides. It doesn't feature
> flams nor buzzes, like David's excellent Ludwig set, which is a shame. I
> suppose I could import them from David's kit, if that's OK.
> Subsidiary question: what's the difference between Accent, Default & Ghost and
> Hard, Medium & Light? (This is only really an issue, if I do decide to post
> the kit to the Library for approval.)
> Adrian
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