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Scott Kerr guitariu at telus.net
Sat Feb 19 22:40:39 EST 2005

Hey Paul, I hope you enjoy Doggiebox... Great software, I find it to  
really be helping my creativity, and inspiration seeing as how it's  
sooo quick to put patterns together!. There are a shortcoming or two,  
but hey it's still totally worth it to 'workaround' those...
If we could get velocity changes, that would be AWESOME!  DB's still my  
fave sequencing software to date, I used to use a Roland XP50, but  
THAT's kinda limiting in comparison, and since i got DB it's been over  
in the corner collecting dust hahaha!

Anyways, here's my latest Doggiebox creation, lemme know what you  
think, OK (As you can tell I'm a guitarist...And yes, DB has fallen  
into the wrong hands!)
The Ludwig Kit Kicks ASS! Man, that's killer (Ghost notes Rock!), I  
just need to start putting a bit more time into my sequences, get 'em a  
bit more realistic, y'know? OK Rant over...

  *Crawls back to hole*


On Saturday, February 19, 2005, at 12:53  PM, Ben Kennedy wrote:

> On 18 2 2005 at 7:48 pm -0500, Paul Schwotzer wrote:
>> Is there a way to view the entire list, to see if my question
>> has already been discussed?
> Hi Paul,
> Welcome to Doggiebox and the list!
> Yes, you can view the archives here: <http://lists.zygoat.ca/pipermail/
> doggiebox/>  Although there is no built-in search function, you can try
> Googling with a "site:lists.zygoat.ca" qualifier in the search terms,
> which seems to work fairly well.
>> I assume there is no way to export separate drums as audio
> That is correct.  Mike's suggested work-around is about the best you  
> can
> do right now.  However, many people have requested this so rest assured
> it is on the todo list.
>> I would have expected an audio file that is exported to
>> line-up in Pro Tools with a MIDI file that is exported, but
>> this is not the case. Anyone know why?
> Hmm.  By how much do they vary?  What is the nature of your song (e.g.
> tempo, time signature? are there any tempo changes within? etc.)   The
> MIDI output that DB generates is not as rich as it could be, so it's
> possible that there are anomalies in this regard, particularly with
> different apps.  If you can provide detail on what's actually  
> happening,
> it may help to nail down.  I haven't done a lot of MIDI output testing
> yet, admittedly.
>> Is there a way to change the velocity of a single drum
>> hit in a pattern?
> Not yet.  This, too, is another oft-requested feature, which is coming.
> -ben
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