[Doggiebox] samples vs. velocity changes

Dan Costello stellaswindow at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 22 14:33:22 EST 2005

> On 20-Feb-2005 03:40, Scott Kerr wrote:
>> If we could get velocity changes, that would be AWESOME!
>> [...]
>> The Ludwig Kit Kicks ASS! Man, that's killer (Ghost notes Rock!)
> For _real_ velocity changes, you have to have actual samples of hits at
> different velocity

I totally agree with you, Carl. That's what's so great about the Ludwig 
kit (at least the first one-- haven't played around much with the 
second one). The "flam" and the "buzz" snare aren't just a bunch of 
louder and softer (but identical) snare hits. They are recordings of 
those actual techniques; it's their authenticity that sounds so good. 
Trying to approximate these techniques in any other kit is almost 
silly, because it sounds far too mechanical. Our ears must be able to 
tell the difference between a distinct hit and the same hit at a 
different volume.


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