[Doggiebox] Happy new year, with 1E6

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Wed Jan 19 10:10:27 EST 2005

I rushed straight off to try the new build during lunch :)

On 19-Jan-2005 00:59, Ben Kennedy wrote:
>     • Temporary "Carlpatrick" diagnostic warning on nil drum event
> detection.  This will raise an alert dialog in certain circumstances
> where empty drums are found in a pattern.  Under normal operation this
> should never occur, so this is an effort to help track down why it does.
>  Please report if you ever see this alert, and describe the circumstances
> that led up to it.  (Named after Patrick and Carl who have both reported
> symptoms previously :)

Well, this alert duly pops up when I open the files on which I had
previously seen the null drum!

>         - Mousing in a bar's header area provides a triangle cursor which
> when clicked will select the beat subdivision below it.

This seems to work, though my cursor looks more like a horizontal line
with an arrow-headed line pointing down from it.

However, it seemed to me that cursor accuracy has become a little flaky
in this build.  I often found that I had to click very carefully to be
able to get the "eraser" to light up and let me delete something, with
usually better results by nudging it over what seemed to be the lefthand
side of a given icon (though sometimes it really didn't want to let me
delete a given icon!).  Likewise, clicking over a given beat-space
sometimes saw a new icon placed over an adjacent beat-space (again,
positioning the cursor over to the lefthand edge of the target space
more often seemed to land the icon where I wanted it).  Does anyone else
see this sort of thing, or is it just me?  Might this be an artifact of
DB's new awareness of individual beats?


ps: as a holiday present to myself, I ordered some books on drumming --
mostly so that I can go through learning the clever patterns I wouldn't
have thought of on my own :)  Looking forward to playing with those in DB :)

pps: thanks to DB making it easier for me to record demos, the little
band I play in is now rehearsing two songs that they probably wouldn't
have gotten otherwise! :)

Carl Edlund Anderson

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