[Doggiebox] Happy new year, with 1E6

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Wed Jan 19 11:28:51 EST 2005

On 19 1 2005 at 10:10 am -0500, Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:

>Well, this alert duly pops up when I open the files on which I had
>previously seen the null drum!

Ok, makes sense.  Now, if you re-save the file (after dismissing the
dialog repeatedly as necessary to get into the song), close and re-open
it, does the message continue to come up or is it gone?

Specifically what I'm wondering is whether there is a problem in the file
which is being solved (the null drums should be deleted at the same time
as the message coming up), and then more importantly, whether it recurs.

In other words I'm wondering if this null drum business is a result of
some problem that was present in an earlier build but which is now gone,
or whether it is still there.  In short, I'm not sure yet what is causing
the null drums in the first place.

>This seems to work, though my cursor looks more like a horizontal line
>with an arrow-headed line pointing down from it.

Yep, I had been intending to replace that with an actual triangly-arrow-
like cursor but hadn't gotten to it yet (that's a built-in Mac one for
now temporarily).  Thanks.

>However, it seemed to me that cursor accuracy has become a little flaky
>in this build. [...]

Hmm... playing with this some, I now see at least part of what you're
talking about.  In particular, it seems that if you are mousing over the
grid in a right-to-left direction and then you click in a beat, the drum
is placed in a different beat (!) while it seems it work properly if you
are approaching it left-to-right.

I'll look into this; may well be related to the other phenomena you also


>pps: thanks to DB making it easier for me to record demos, the little
>band I play in is now rehearsing two songs that they probably wouldn't
>have gotten otherwise! :)

Nice, always good to hear!  (Envious, currently bandless; must get
writing again on my own...)


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