[Doggiebox] Hello All

Scott Kerr guitariu at telus.net
Sun Jan 30 01:44:09 EST 2005

hey there, I'm new to the list, just thought I'd say hello.

So far, so good since I bought Doggiebox. I'm extremely happy with it, 
BUT... lol

I have a question or 2; Any Ideas on 1/4 note triplets, or do you do it 
the 'hard' way and create an odd-time measure with a different tempo to 
approximate it?
Also, how about other odd-time groupings like 5:4, 7:4, etc... Does one 
pretty much do the same thing?
Last Question, anyone have any ideas on approximating a 'swung' feel?

At any rate, here's my site, http://www.guitarius.net and in 
particular, here's my link to my newest tunes (2005) All done with 
doggiebox, so check it out, and lemme know what you think... 

Thanks for your time, happy drumming...

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