[Doggiebox] doggiebox -> reason

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Mon Jan 31 06:06:29 EST 2005

On 26-Jan-2005 21:32, Eric Davila wrote:
> anyone have any experience/tips/tricks for loading doggiebox drum MIDI 
> into reason's drum computer?  it is fairly easy to load the MIDI file, 
> and it seems like some of the drums even load up, but it seems to be 
> doing strange things like muting drums where it would be triggering 
> them and such. 

Actually, I've been running into an odd behavior of sounds muting when
they should played just within in the regular DB interface (naught to do
with loading MIDI into reason), though I don't know whether this is an
odd memory problem brought on by my having spent a lot of time recently
mucking about with a dbkit linked to the giant nskit7 samples or whether
it's something else hiccupy in the recent beta releases.

But sometimes I find that if I've got a few samples "stacked up" on a
beat, DB will simply ignore some or all of them on play back -- and
deleting a few of the samples doesn't necessarily cause the "missing"
samples to come back.  Sometimes in such a case, though, I can open a
new dbsong and program the same pattern and it will play just fine from
the new dbsong.  Alternatively, DB sometimes crashes on playback.  Odd!
 I can't help but think it's some kind of memory thing, but that's just
my uninformed guessing.


ps - A handy looking little book called _The Drummer's Bible_ just
arrived from Amazon for me.  It's kind of a "rhythm patterns for
dummies" thing, and so quite handy for a non-drummer like me to use as a
crash course on different types of grooves :)  I plan to do myself up
some dbsongs that are basically just collections of different patterns
which can then be copied over to other dbsongs as needed.

Carl Edlund Anderson

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