[Doggiebox] General OSX performance issues- slightly off topic

Michael Carlyle mcarlyle at charter.net
Mon Jan 31 20:23:15 EST 2005


I hope I'm not crossing a line here, but I could use your input.

My G4 400 with 700 plus megs of RAM is under-performing, in my opinion. 
I get loads of spinning beach balls, mostly after launching 
applications, but sometimes just while perusing around in the finder. I 
have a dedicated OSX partition, a User drive, a dedicated Swap drive, 
and a dedicated OS9 partiton (where I hardly ever go). I've also got a 
second drive where I save all my music and video work.

I'm running the latest Panther product, 10.3.7.

I'm thinking about a reformat this weekend and pitching the whole 
concept of partitioning.

Without dragging this out into a lenthy off-topic discussion... any 

Please reply off-list, if you don't mind.


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