[Doggiebox] Some beta observations

Tor Lillegraven Tor.Lillegraven at vg.no
Tue Jul 5 04:10:43 EDT 2005

and I thought I was just being a grumpy old dog, prefering to stick with my old habits. Thanks for speaking out about these issues Michael -- I totally agree with your observations. 

These 3 points that you mention have annoyed me to the point that I have reverted to an earlier build of DB. I do a lot of rearranging within songs, and the new copy/paste/insert new bar functionality, well... its a bitch! ;) 

>>> Michael Carlyle <mcarlyle at charter.net> 05.07.05 0:42 >>>
I've been writing and recording again, which means my DB activity has 
spiked a little bit. As a result, I've noticed a few things that I may 
have missed before. I may have missed a discussion about these things, 
or they may have been changed already. Not sure.

The following are observations and are, by no means critique of the app.

1) I notice that the inspector is now the only way to insert bars. 
There is no longer the ability to insert multiple bars. If I want to 
add 16 bars, I have to click "insert bar" 16 times. Why would I want to 
insert 16 blank bars?... see below...

2) Copied bars do not want to paste into new sections. In order to 
paste copied bars, I first have to provide the correct number of blank 
bars to paste into. Since I can't add multiples in a single operation 
(see above) it is an awkward GUI point.

3) When making a selection that reaches to the end of the section, DB 
has a tendency to want to "wrap around" to the top. This is 
frustrating, since great care must be taken to end your selection at 
precisely the right point. I think DB should know that I've reached the 
end of the bar and should stop selecting no matter how far I continue 
to move my mouse.

I got a lot done this weekend. I hope to share another song with you 
all fairly soon.

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