[Doggiebox] Some beta observations

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Tue Jul 5 05:50:37 EDT 2005

On 04/07/2005 23:42, Michael Carlyle wrote:
> 2) Copied bars do not want to paste into new sections. In order to paste 
> copied bars, I first have to provide the correct number of blank bars to 
> paste into. Since I can't add multiples in a single operation (see 
> above) it is an awkward GUI point.

I noticed points 1 and 3 also, but especially point 2.  I think DB 
should mimic the kind copy and paste behavior normally found in word 
processors and spreadsheets and such.

If you've got, say, a bar in the clipboard, and there's just a "cursor" 
(the blinking red line thing) in the editor, your copied stuff should be 
inserted at the point. Units of whole bars should be treated as units; 
with 1 or more whole bars in the clipboard and 1 or more whole bars 
selected, a paste should replace X number of selected whole bars with Y 
number of whole bars.  Same with beats: if you copy three beats, and 
then select 3 beats, a paste should replace them directly.   I realize 
there's an issue when the number of units in your clipboard doesn't 
match the number of units selected, but here DB could just ask if you 
want to paste as many units of clipboard as fit into the selected space, 
or whether extra space should be inserted to accomodate the extra units 
in the clipboard.

This stuff has been debated at various points in the past, no?  Can't 
remember what got said then ....

I also had some trouble copying and pasting from the section menu. 
Sometimes it would let be highlight a section name, copy it, and then 
duplicate it with the same name by pasting -- but sometimes not.  I 
couldn't figure out the circumstances which affect this working or not.

When working out the basics of a drum part in DB, I do a *lot* of making 
basic sections and then copying them to tweak them around -- I suspect 
that's true of many users! -- so having copy'n'paste'n'replace-or-not 
working smoothly and "invisibly" would be great :)


Carl Edlund Anderson
mailto:cea at carlaz.com

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