[Doggiebox] Possible additions to DB

Charlie the_lonely_sea at iinet.net.au
Mon Jul 11 07:24:14 EDT 2005


Here are a couple of things I would find handy for future versions of DB

1) The ability to listen to drum sounds when replacing / changing  
kits.  This will mean a better change over -  I regularly create a  
pattern or two of "normal" rock beats and then try it out with other  
kits.  It gets a bit tricky making actual replacements if you can't  
remember what the old and new sounds are like.   A "sound" button in  
the dialog box would make things easier.

2) Some sort of MouseOver event to show the type of Drum selected in  
the Section area.  If I'm changing a sound, it is handy to know what  
the current sound is - the icon is handy, but at times various drums  
share a common icon ( or similar).  Also, many are not shown all the  
time ( ie when there are many variants of the drum.)  It would be  
good to see that x drum is a snare (flam).

Anyone have similar thoughts?  Nothing here seems to be a great deal  
breaker, but if they are easily added, it would add that little bit  
of gloss to the app.



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