[Doggiebox] Listrom's suggested improvements

Sterling Beckwith beckwith at yorku.ca
Wed Jul 13 12:40:49 EDT 2005

> I would like the ability to keep a pattern playing whilst modifying
> the drum pattern, or another section real-time, and then having those
> changes effect the current audio at the user's will. It seems this
> would entail improvements to the sections/playlist functionality.

Sounds like fun, but would it be worth the effort?  "At the user's 
will" does, I think,
give away what the problem would be: SOMEONE does indeed have to decide!
The trick would be for the system to know reliably which version to play
at any given moment, while changes were being made on the fly.  
I think a composing-oriented system should NOT be so fluid.  Better to 
be sure
that what is played will be just what you specified; then (after saving 
that version)
make your changes, audition those specific changes
as often as you need to, and only then register further changes if 
desired.  A composer
has to learn eventually how things will sound BEFORE hearing them 
played.  Adjusting to
ongoing changes while playing in real time seems to require too much 
smarts on the
part of the system, not enough from the composer.

> The only window that I could see being a floater is
> the transport.

A major advantage of floating windows is that they release maximum 
screen real estate for
the composition itself.  A stable interface with everything in easy 
reach is always nice to have.
But the more you box in the notation grid with other permanent 
fixtures, the
less room there is likely to be to view the part of the composition you 
are currently working on.
So here as elsewhere, there's tradeoffs to be made...

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