[Doggiebox] Re: Carl's tempo idea

Sterling Beckwith beckwith at yorku.ca
Sat Jul 16 11:14:31 EDT 2005

> IMO, it would be cool to assign tempo at the level of the playlist,
> rather than the individual section.  That way you could use the same
> pattern in two places within a given playlist, but assign different
> tempos to them.

But what happens if your pattern itself includes several tempo changes?

It seems the only way would be to attach to each item in the playlist a
"reference pulse multiplier factor", defaulting at 1.00, which could 
be tweaked and used to speed up or slow down ALL the tempi in that 
pattern ONLY,
on playback ONLY.

Tampering with the constant reference pulse could be risky, even so.  
Would its
usefulness outweigh the well-known dangers of adding yet another "cool 
I wonder??


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