[Doggiebox] Re: Carl's tempo idea

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Sun Jul 17 05:58:33 EDT 2005

On 16 Jul 2005, at 16:14, Sterling Beckwith wrote:
>> IMO, it would be cool to assign tempo at the level of the playlist,
>> rather than the individual section.  That way you could use the same
>> pattern in two places within a given playlist, but assign different
>> tempos to them.
> But what happens if your pattern itself includes several tempo  
> changes?
> It seems the only way would be to attach to each item in the  
> playlist a
> "reference pulse multiplier factor", defaulting at 1.00, which  
> could then
> be tweaked and used to speed up or slow down ALL the tempi in that  
> pattern ONLY,
> on playback ONLY.

Oh, that's a good point -- I hadn't thought of that.  Yeah, that  
would start to make things needlessly complex!


Carl Edlund Anderson

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