[Doggiebox] Some beta observations

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Thu Jul 21 16:54:55 EDT 2005

Michael Carlyle wrote at 6:42 PM (-0400) on 7/4/05:

>1) I notice that the inspector is now the only way to insert bars. 
>There is no longer the ability to insert multiple bars. If I want to 
>add 16 bars, I have to click "insert bar" 16 times. Why would I want to 
>insert 16 blank bars?... see below...

This was addressed in 1E10; hold the option key while doing the Insert
Bars and you will be prompted to enter a number of bars.

>2) Copied bars do not want to paste into new sections. In order to 
>paste copied bars, I first have to provide the correct number of blank 
>bars to paste into. Since I can't add multiples in a single operation 
>(see above) it is an awkward GUI point.

I'm going to try and improve this copy/paste stuff with regard to beats
and bars and stuff soon, pursuant to the various discussion that's gone
on here.  So stay tuned and be patient but keep the criticism coming.

>3) When making a selection that reaches to the end of the section, DB 
>has a tendency to want to "wrap around" to the top. This is 
>frustrating, since great care must be taken to end your selection at 
>precisely the right point. 

Thanks for pointing this out; now fixed for the next build!


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