[Doggiebox] Window help.

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Thu Jul 21 17:46:12 EDT 2005

Mike Listrom wrote at 7:01 PM (-0500) on 7/17/05:

>Is there any way to have control over the sizes of the drum kit  
>window, the sections window and the playlist window? I find on longer  
>songs or large drum kits I cannot see as much as I would like.

Have you tried dragging the split-view bar which lies immediately above
the transport controls?  You should see a little indentation, midway
across.  Click near there and drag.  By doing this and resizing the
window, you will be able to make the sections and playlist tables as
large as you want.  The drum kit list won't get any wider currently, but
you can at least make it indefinitely taller.

>Also the header columns in the sections area are easily disturbed by
>user input, such as dragging a header, which will cause undesirable  

Can you elaborate on this?  What kind of "undesirable effects" do you get?


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