[Doggiebox] Window help again

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Sat Jul 23 12:35:36 EDT 2005

Mike Listrom wrote at 4:29 AM (-0500) on 7/23/05:

>Thank you for pointing this out. Is there any way to control width?

Yes, there is another split-view draggable thingy in between the
Sections and Playlist tables; take a look.  (This is new in the last
couple of builds, however).

>I accidently clicked and dragged on the column header.
>I was able to achieve this as well. I don't think I can reset things  
>from here.

Uh oh, that looks messy. :)  (screen shots came through to me, but I
guess not to the list).  You can reset this by deleting your preferences
(~/Library/Preferences/ca.zygoat.doggiebox.plist) although of course you
will lose any other settings as well.

Alternatively, if you have the Apple developer tools installed, you can
open the prefs file with Property List Editor and remove the keys whose
names begin with "NSTableView" which will cause just these settings to
be reset.


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