[Doggiebox] Re: keyboard shortcuts

Sterling Beckwith beckwith at yorku.ca
Wed Mar 2 13:36:35 EST 2005

Dan Costello's yen for what amounts to a playable (on the computer 
keys) drumkit [see vol 20, issue 21] suggests the following wild & 
crazy thought:

Does a computerized percussion composer really need to work within the 
constraint of having to choose among a limited number of specific 
predefined drumkits, as if playing live with real instruments?  And why 
not allow patterns to be typed in with all ten fingers, rather than 
just clicked into the grid with the mouse pointer?

Of course the existing drumkits in DB do make good musical sense, and 
I'm all for limitations as a spur to creativity.  But how dangerous 
would it be if DB were to open up an alternative method, by allowing 
users to assemble their own custom kit (or kits) easily for each new 
piece, choosing the particular set of drums and velocities required 
from a mega-library that includes all currently accessible sounds, and 
assigning each of those chosen sounds to specific computer keys in 
whatever logical way makes sense to the user?

I suppose the next big question would likely be: How to enable said 
users to PLAY actual music on their custom keyboard drumset, either 
stepwise or in real time, and have the resulting pattern recorded, not 
just as an audio file or a MIDI file, but in a format that could then 
be saved, edited, and eventually translated visually into Doggiebox 
notation on the DB grid?

Does anybody else think it might someday be worth our Master Magician's 
while to go in such a dizzying direction?

-Sterling Beckwith

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