[Doggiebox] Re: kb madness!

Dan Costello stellaswindow at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 3 16:41:30 EST 2005

> From: Sterling Beckwith <beckwith at yorku.ca>
> Subject: [Doggiebox] Re: keyboard shortcuts
> ...by allowing
> users to assemble their own custom kit (or kits) easily for each new
> piece, choosing the particular set of drums and velocities required
> from a mega-library that includes all currently accessible sounds, and
> assigning each of those chosen sounds to specific computer keys in
> whatever logical way makes sense to the user?

You can already do this, sort of... You can build your own drum set 
from any batch of sounds (existing sounds within other kits, computer 
sounds, kitchen sink klinks, vocal noises...) and if you want to go to 
the trouble of labeling each sound as a unique "drum type" you can 
assign it a key that will work under any circumstance (avoiding the 
issue I've encountered with drum type variants not playing nice with 
the other variants on the playground). Then you could just sit there 
typing in names out of the phone book, and see how it sounds.

> I suppose the next big question would likely be: How to enable said
> users to PLAY actual music on their custom keyboard drumset, either
> stepwise or in real time, and have the resulting pattern recorded, not
> just as an audio file or a MIDI file, but in a format that could then
> be saved, edited, and eventually translated visually into Doggiebox
> notation on the DB grid?

Once you figure out how to translate and save this to a MIDI file, you 
could go back and edit to the nynes in a MIDI editor. However I don't 
think DB parses MIDI files into DB files... correct? Only DB to MIDI, 

By the way, that's a pretty weird idea, Sterling. I think I like you.


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