[Doggiebox] a couple of recent observations

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Wed Mar 9 04:41:49 EST 2005

As an added noted: Yesterday, whilst using whatever the latest beta is, 
I saw again the bug whereby clicking on an existing hit in the pattern 
editor to overwrite with another variant of the same drum causes the new 
icon to appear over the top of the old icon (so that if you then erase 
what appears to be just the new hit, the old one is revealed beneath it).

I didn't actually check to see whether both sounds were played in these 
double-up situations, since I was wise to the possibility of this bug 
and just went back to erase the old hit before putting in the new one 
(and in the event, it was the diff between open an closed hats, and I'm 
not sure I could have told for sure whether both were played 
simultaneously or not :)

But this old bug's behavior didn't always happen -- sometimes I clicked 
with a new variant to replace an old and worked fine like that, so I 
don't know whether this situation harks back to the dbsong file I'm 
working on having first been created with a much older version of the 
app that was subject to this bug.  I haven't noticed the this old bug in 
brand new dbsongs, anyway.

On 09-Mar-2005 01:40, Mike Carlyle wrote:
> I made a major upgrade to my studio. Bought a pair of decent monitors, 
> mics, and a Tascam US-122 as an interface. 

Ooo, toys! :)


Carl Edlund Anderson

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