recording software? (was Re: [Doggiebox] a couple of recent observations)

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at
Wed Mar 9 05:21:28 EST 2005

On 09-Mar-2005 09:04, Adrian Delso wrote:
> The studio upgrades sound good. I'd love to hear your views on the Tascam,
> once you've used it for a while. I have an Emagic a6|2m and I have an
> intermittent
> noise problem, which can stop all audio recording for a day, until it
> decides to stop!
> What DAW are you using?

BTW, for people recording direct to their Macs, what software do you 
use?  I've heard good things about MotU Digital Performer, though it 
looks quite pricey (and perhaps overkill for me).  Deck LE looks rather 
cheaper, and likely to cover a lot of my requirements ....

I'm still using my trusty old Roland VS-1680, but _someday_ when I've 
got  the cash for a snazzier Mac and a multi-channel Firewire audio 
interface .... :)


Carl Edlund Anderson

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