SV: Re: recording software? (was Re: [Doggiebox] a couple of recent observations)

Tor Lillegraven Tor.Lillegraven at
Wed Mar 9 07:47:52 EST 2005

I`ve used Digital Performer the past 2 years, any I`ve found it to be
fairly buggy. I swithched to Logic a couple of months ago, and it`s
soooo much better as far as reliability goes. 

On a usability level, I`d have to say that DP is *quite* OK, one u get
used to it, but it has a rather steep learing curve. Logic is somewhat
more intuitive, but it has too many pre-sets for my taste. It does give
you a bunch of preset sounds for different instruments, so its basically
just plug, play and record. 

One downside to Logic is that its really, really pricey, and u cant use
VST plugins. One biig benefit is that it will most likely work
flawlessly with any hardware. Altleast it did for me. I also kinda like
the tight integration with iTunes for easy exports and so forth.. 

Logic will also most likely cover any future needs u might have. it
really is quite a package. 

I tried Deck, but didnt really get into it, I though DP was better for
me at the time. 

I also use Peak a lot for basic editing of tracks. Its really quick and
easy to use for the basic stuff. 


>>> Thorsten Kummer <thorsten.kummer at> 09.03.2005 12:14:00 >>>

please have a look at Sound Studio ( It supports
recording and basic editing.
The export options are cool....


Carl Edlund Anderson schrieb:

> On 09-Mar-2005 09:04, Adrian Delso wrote:
>> The studio upgrades sound good. I'd love to hear your views on the 
>> Tascam,
>> once you've used it for a while. I have an Emagic a6|2m and I have
>> intermittent
>> noise problem, which can stop all audio recording for a day, until
>> decides to stop!
>> What DAW are you using?
> BTW, for people recording direct to their Macs, what software do you

> use?  I've heard good things about MotU Digital Performer, though it

> looks quite pricey (and perhaps overkill for me).  Deck LE looks 
> rather cheaper, and likely to cover a lot of my requirements ....
> I'm still using my trusty old Roland VS-1680, but _someday_ when I've

> got  the cash for a snazzier Mac and a multi-channel Firewire audio 
> interface .... :)
> Cheers,
> Carl

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