recording software? (was Re: [Doggiebox] a couple ofrecent observations)

adrian.delso at adrian.delso at
Wed Mar 9 13:26:14 EST 2005

Carl asked; 

I use Logic Express, backed up with Doggiebox, (natch!), VSamp and
Audacity, all 
running on a Mac DP G4.

I used to have a Fostex X-15 (still do, but it's knackered), then a Roland
(which I didn't understand) and finally a Boss BR-8, which was brilliant,
but I prefer 
working on the computer.

So my 'studio' is now the Mac, an Emagic interface, which is driving me
nuts, an ART 
pre-amp, a Mackie 1202 mixer, a couple of decent mics and several
mandolins and a dulcimer.

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