recording software? (was Re: [Doggiebox] a couple of recent observations)

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at
Thu Mar 10 10:38:03 EST 2005

On 09-Mar-2005 23:41, Mike Carlyle wrote:
> I've used Deck and Cubase LE.
> I prefer each for different reasons. Cubase is more full featured and  
> "modern" in terms of being up to speed with 24 and 32 bit recording  
> formats in addition to Deck's 16 bit limit. I also like it's browser  
> and the ability to attach notes to projects that can help me remember  
> which mic's I used and stuff like that.

The current "Cubase lite" product, Cubase SE, looks like pretty good 
value for the price.  One might also have an easier time exchanging 
stuff with Windows people who use Cubase, since Logic is, I guess, 
mostly a Mac thing these days.


Carl Edlund Anderson

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