Ludwig v2>v3 suggestions (was Re: [Doggiebox] samples vs. velocity changes)

David Holloway davidh at
Thu Mar 10 16:44:15 EST 2005

there's no reason not to have it both ways.  i think it should be 
pretty easy for me to offer colorized versions of the icons.  i use 
adobe illustrator to do my icons so it should be pretty easy to color 
things up a little.

and if i run out of time i'd be happy to send out a copy of the 
illustrator document and people can tweak and color to their heart's 


On Mar 10, 2005, at 4:31 AM, Sion Morris wrote:

> Ooh no...  I think colour is a really helpful asset when interpreting 
> a pattern. In most of the the kits I have assembled, I found colour to 
> be the most natural indicator of differences between sounds - 
> Sometimes I use just solid blocks of different colours to represent 
> each instrument. I think that we are so programmed too differentiate 
> colour above shape that any use of colour in icons is a 
> vastimprovement a valuable aid to seeing patterns more easily. Also am 
> I right that colour preception is closer in the brain to sound 
> perception - and in the creative part, unlike shape perception, which 
> is in the thinking bit?
> This is me speaking as a non-drummer, graphic designer, non-drummer - 
> but I can understand how it would be useful for a drummer familiar 
> with notation to have consistent b/w icons though.
> Anyone fancy trying the solid blocks idea/experiment - I'd be 
> interested to hear what you think
> Sion Morris
> Liverpool
> On 10 Mar 2005, at 1:12 am, David Holloway wrote:
>> my preference towards black & white is more from the point of view of 
>> (a) keeping the doggiebox notation consistent with my hand written 
>> notation and (b) trying to keep in the spirit of the traditional 
>> drum/musical notation.
>> i read drum notation from magazines, music books, sheet music, etc.  
>> so it helps when i'm reading and playing to not have to adjust to 
>> different glyphs, remember color codes, etc.
>> i just dug up my book "Guide To Standardized Drumset Notation" by 
>> norman weinberg.  i'll see what i can adapt from it...
>> cheers,
>> d.
>> On Mar 8, 2005, at 5:36 PM, Mike Carlyle wrote:
>>> Funny. I had the same thought as Carl and started making my own 
>>> colorized versions of your icons.
>>> Are you against color from an aesthetic point of view? Functionally, 
>>> I think color is very important.
>>> On Mar 8, 2005, at 3:39 PM, David Holloway wrote:
>>>> what visual cues are you using for your tweaked icons?  i'm not a 
>>>> big fan of changing color for the variations.  i prefer more iconic 
>>>> tweaks in black and white.  hmmm...  i think i have a musical 
>>>> notation book around here somewhere.  maybe that'll help.
>>>> d.
>>>> On Mar 8, 2005, at 10:03 AM, Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:
>>>>> On 04 Mar 2005, at 02:53, David Holloway wrote:
>>>>>> sure.  i'll try to remember this time... ;-)  i also, have a 
>>>>>> couple different shakers i'll try to get down while i'm at it.
>>>>> My only other suggestion is purely UI :)  A lot of the variants in 
>>>>> the Ludwig v2 kit share the same icon (AFAICT), which I at least 
>>>>> find confusing in pattern editor.  I started tweaking some of the 
>>>>> icons for sounds I had tried using in various songs so I could 
>>>>> tell them apart, but some regular means of distinguishing the 
>>>>> sounds visually would be useful, I think.
>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>> Carl
>>>>> --
>>>>> Carl Edlund Anderson

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